Suitable for Men aged 18 – 80

(We currently serve beginners as well as
Clients going all the way up to their 80’s)

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Sick of the ‘same old, same old’?
Sick & tired of supplements & training methods that don’t work?
Good! We GUARANTEE, nothing you’ve used worked like this…

Training failure is usually because you‘re training wrong. How about we send you an info pack through the mail TOTALLY FREE, including a basic edition of our best selling Ripfast Ultimate Bodybuilding System? (No credit card needed). Based on the brutal but powerfully effective Ripfast 5000 principles

(Paid version has a 1 year Money Back Guarantee – so, yes, it works!)

Used successfully by Ripfast Clients for over 20 years. You’ll learn within 1 hour:
  • What brutal stuff to do in the gym so you see strength and size changes in just a week (it’s brutal because that’s the only way to get fast results if you want them – it really works)
  • For the clueless or weak, don’t worry, your strength level is irrelevant when you follow the system we teach for gains
  • For pros who’ve stopped growing, we clearly show you how to kickstart brand new mass gains
  • What exercise combination to do (the precise sequence/timing is vitally important)
  • Why you HAVE TO be in the gym for under 45 minutes (or 60m max) no more than 4 days a week
  • Can be performed in your home garage if you prefer (with a basic set of weights)
  • You’ll see the initial strength/physique changes in just 7 days (the paid version has a 365 days money back guarantee!)

Here are your options:

A/ You can decide that perhaps after 24 years in this business, we know what we’re doing and go for it (it’s FREE!)

B/ You can carry on plodding through endless gym sessions then give up thinking you’re a ‘hard gainer’ (no such thing btw) or make plans to get ripped when you have more time (that will be never). Maybe with an expensive out of shape ‘personal trainer’ (why many people pay high fees to guys to train them who are not in ‘ripped up’ shape themselves is definitely one of life’s great mysteries).

Its totally up to you. At least with our option you get the above for free and can bin it if you don’t think it’s as fantastic as our clients do (some of whom have used the previous editions for over 22 years).

Plus a special free gift deal, just for you! And we’ll email you confidential key training updates (zero spam, 1-click opt out anytime).

YES! I am sick of the ‘how to fail methods’ I’m using at the gym. Enough! Send me my FREE Ripfast info pack as quickly as you can! Here are my details: 

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