Choosing a bodybuilding lifestyle? Starting out can be tough but with perseverance and a positive attitude, you can easily achieve your muscle goals. Gym results don’t happen overnight though and require hard work and most importantly workout consistency. Here’s some quick pointers:

1. Be Confident and Positive
Embracing a completely new lifestyle can be tough and it’s important to remain confident and focused. Life will always have setbacks but it’s essential that you work through them. Additionally, get yourself out of bad habits.
Example: Did you know that more sleep has been shown to increase free testosterone levels by up to 50%? Just by sleeping! Testosterone, if you don’t know is THE key element in bodybuilding and muscle success. That’s why all these pros and actors use steroids. Not getting enough sleep and doing nothing about it? You’re already setting yourself up for failure. Make positive changes and surround yourself with good energy to stay motived and inspired.

2. Have realistic Muscle Building targets
Making and setting yourself realistic goals in your bodybuilding plan is crucial. Whether they’re short term or long term, they’ll act as stepping stones towards your ultimate physique goal. Focusing on smaller goals will make it less likely for you to give up before achieving success. Many guys give up before they’ve even given it a go.

3. Avoid quick fixes
Keep in mind that short term fixes are damaging in the long run. Just as ‘magic’ diet pills don’t help you to healthily shift weight, quick fixes in the bodybuilding world are a waste of your time, energy and effort. Remain focused and consistent, stay true to your initial goals for the best results.

4. Plan your nutrition and diet
Perhaps the easiest and most adaptable tip when it comes to transforming your body is the importance of nutrition and a healthy, clean diet. Bodybuilding training is easy – EATING CLEAN IS THE HARD PART. Keep a plan of what you’re going to want to be eating, ensuring it’s healthy stuff – think plenty of protein and carbs. Remember, what you put inside your body is the foundation of your success.
Also look to eating testosterone boosting foods. See the relevant Ripfast article on this subject. Also sign up here for our free training program and updates.

5. Measure your results!
Many people starting out forget to measure their results and when they fail to see any progress themselves, give up on their entire plan. Keep a training journal (Arnold Schwarzenegger, a multi Mr Olympia did it religiously – so just copy him). By measuring your physical changes and photographing your physique, you’ll be able to identify changes in your body. When looking at fatloss and results of fatloss training, don’t focus to much on the scales. Instead record your body fat and measure various spots of your physique for a clearer vision of your progress.