If you don’t have a training diary – get one!

After nutrition, weight and sleep it is genuinely your best friend.

(Don’t scoff at the guy who walks round the gym with a little note book – he knows something you don’t! And he’s really benefiting from it).

Gym legend Arnold Schwarzenegger swore by the importance of the training diary.

Otherwise a year from now when you look back and say – ‘March 2013 was amazing for me – I really packed on muscle’, you won’t be able to repeat that success. Because you’ll have forgotten what you did and how that worked so well for you.

Note in it your weight numbers (what you’re pressing and pulling!) daily food intake and if you have it your body fat levels.

Then compare this data with what’s going on 3 to 6mths from now. Hopefully you will be shocked and delighted with how much your strength has increased.

We will be giving free training journals (a fancy name for diaries) to clients in 2013 – so look out for that.

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