1. Take enough carbs to be able to exercise
You can’t just restrict diet. You have to exercise too, if you wish for long term success. So make sure you’re eating enough of what you need to train.

2. Don’t listen to others tips

What may be right for them may not be right for you.

3. Only eat when you’re hungry
This is self explanatory!

4. Increase fluid intake
Many times when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty.
Water will also fill your stomach calorie free.

5. Drink cold water.
Not only does this flush the system faster of toxins, it cools you down internally.
Getting back to ‘normal’ body temperature will burn extra calories.

6. Don’t be too strict.
All that will happen is that you’ll feel depressed & won’t stick with it.

7. Allow the cravings.
But practice restraint. That is, need that choc bar? Fine, get it, eat half of it!

8. Reduce serving size.
As you get used to eating less per meal, you will get used it it and the smaller meal will be just as satisfying.
But less will get stored as fat.

9. Change Patterns of Habit.

Small things you do currently are affecting how and why you gain weight.
identify these points and tweak them.
It will make a big difference.

10. Non-Training Diet when you train
When you’re not training, maybe you eat less (as you know you won’t be burning it off!).
Try training while eating the above, more controlled ‘non training’ diet.