We see skinny guys in the gym training with commitment. To be muscular. To be a bodybuilder.
Like they saw in the movie.

I won’t repeat cliches etc here.

1. Dragging yourself off the couch to the gym is HARD.
2. Pushing weights is HARD.
3. Some skinny guys can kind of even look a bit muscular, but it looks like a little nudge and you’d fall over.

Why are you torturing yourself?

It’s a (very simple) jigsaw puzzle.


SLEEP WELL (easy peasy)

and…….E A T ! (easy peasy)

I don’t understand it.
You’re committing to the hard bit but skimping on the easy part. Don’t.

Bodybuilders eat. It’s what builds the muscle and strength.
High protein, good quality food (don’t overdo the hyped protein shakes like most guys).

There endeth the lesson.
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One comment on “Still Skinny? Come on man!

  • Tim Crabb says:

    Train hard – no argument. Miss a session for any reason, try and make it up even partially and do not be tempted to alter your 8 rep utterly max sets to a lighter 10 or 12 reps and kid yourself that you are still training hard.
    If you are lucky enough to have convenient access to,a gym – great. I have only twice in my life been that lucky but over the years I have accumulated enough basic gear and the savvy to modify my routine and specific exercises so that I can train almost anywhere.
    DIET – eat as well as you can afford. Preferably protein-rich foods and ignore the hype re additional hi-protein shakes etc. Good if you can get a bit extra – as they say about all sorts of things- but not essential.
    SLEEP – I have always been a light sleeper. I think I last slept well when I was a teenager. In the last 7 years my sleep problems have increased due to the onset of PARKINSONS and probably the meds I have to take. However I can and do dose almost anywhere and training continues.

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