Have you noticed the increased feminisation of men in recent years? Sounds funny but actually it isn’t.

This has political ramifications as well as physical.
You didn’t subscribe with us for political discourse, so unfortunately we maybe should leave that discussion for another day.

Regarding the physical. The reason why you, as a man have a deep voice, can grow a beard and are stronger than the female of our species comes down to one hormone: Testosterone.

There is a so called ‘conspiracy theory’ (or should it be ‘conspiracy fact’)? That there is an epidemic starting that is ruining our ability as men to gain muscle, burn fat, have a healthy sex life (or a sex life at all) and actually enjoy life.

(I must interject that the ‘political effect’ of this is that a man with less testosterone will also be less vocal about what ‘the man’ (ie the government) forces him to accept in terms of unfair laws and actions etc! (Sorry but politics enters everything – even bodybuilding!).

The epidemic of low testosterone

As we age, our testosterone levels starts to decline, this is not new. But just a few decades ago this decline wouldn’t start until you were approaching 50 years old. Now it’s starting to happen to men in their mid 20’s and 30’s! Pro bodybuilders would kill to naturally have the testosterone levels of a teenage lad!

Many clients seem frustrated with their lack of results in the gym, their inability to gain muscle and how their body seems to just want to gain fat. It’s not good for the ego or the physique, as a 30 something to hit the gym just as hard as when you were 20 something but get lesser results.

The lack of results are usually due to lack of testosterone. And it can ruin your entire life if you don’t do something about it.

What’s Causing this?

The problem is that we now live in a highly estrogenic environment and it’s literally turning men into women. It’s causing our testosterone levels to decrease and our estrogen levels to rise which means less muscle and more fat.

Environmental estrogens are everywhere including the water supply, food supply, household items like detergents, laminates, soaps, beverage containers like plastic bottles and aluminum cans. By the time you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning you’ve probably already exposed yourself to multiple forms of environmental estrogens.

Why do you think 50+ actors are bursting with muscles in the latest movies?

Let’s make this clear – it ain’t their Weetabix in the morning!
The reason is anabolic steroids – which dramatically ramp up testosterone, but with potentially dangerous and undesirable side effects.

One good choice is our testosterone boosters. (See Test De Luxe Stack – it guarantees to boost testosterone safely, making you stronger and more muscular). Our prohormones are a safe, strong, super-effective steroid alternative. But in this article, I want to talk about other options to reduce the effects of ‘estrogenisation’ in your life.

Possible ways to avoid the environmental estrogens

New research now shows that even bottled water and canned drinks can contain estrogens as the compounds used to line the containers of these products can seep into the liquid and then of course directly into your body.

Also, try to minimize your use of detergents and shampoos that contain a compound called Phthalates. Try to choose products that are Phthalate free if possible.

Fatloss before I build?

Possibly. It’s a difficult one this. Go for a fat loss routine before you go for your muscle building cycle and your anabolic situation improves for building muscle. Body fat has a chemical in it that converts testosterone to estrogen. The more body fat you have the more of your testosterone will get converted to estrogen. This is not good because estrogen stimulates the production of more body fat and less muscle

This ‘vicious cycle’ can then get worse. Once your body fat gets high enough, your muscles simply stop responding to your weight training workouts. You could be frustrated and stuck for years with minimal muscle growth. Your muscles hardly grow, but your stomach fat does. All basically due to an imbalance between your testosterone and estrogen levels.

Test Booster

So optimally, the goal should be to get lean and drop fat FIRST, then build muscle. But most of us do it the other way around in the old bulk up then cut down pattern. This works too, but a point comes where the fat level can be too high.

Now this is ok for the pro bodybuilders as they’re using other ‘chemicals’ to then kick their testosterone levels up! If you’ve tried to gain muscle by bulking up and gotten too fat, you’ve probably made it difficult to see real progress or results because excess fat fights against your body’s ability to gain muscle. Again, combining a steroid alternative, test booster would help.

If you look back to when you were 20 years old, your body put on muscle without you even lifting a weight. That’s because the naturally excessive testosterone levels at that age move your body structure from a ‘boy’s’ body to a ‘mans’ body. If you also lift weights at that age then you also see how easy and fast you build muscle. Even if you were carrying extra fat you had so much testosterone coursing through your body your muscles would get bigger no matter what. But as you age the situation deteriorates.

Once you get to 40 years and older you simply don’t have as much testosterone as when you were 20.

Combine your naturally declining testosterone levels with this estrogenic environment we all live in and you’ve really got the deck stacked against you. This means you have to be smarter with the way you eat and the way you workout. Gone are the days when you could just eat whatever you want, and go to the gym and knock out a bunch of sets of bench press and squats and simply grow. Now your workout has to match where you are in life, you’re not 20 years old anymore and you shouldn’t be training or eating like you are.

You can still have the body you want, you just have to be smart with your approach to getting it.