Changes to your training and lifestyle will help to increase testosterone production but you need to make dietary changes too. The nutrients you feed your body are ultimately the raw materials needed to make more testosterone and the big change which concerns guys is having to increase fat calories.

Your body needs fat and cholesterol in order to manufacture testosterone and provided that you’re eating the right types of fat and controlling how much, you’ll see big improvements. Omega-3s are beneficial and effective for your health and supporting testosterone production but you also need other sources of unsaturated fats, as well as saturated fats.

The only fats to avoid are those full of omega-6s and hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

A few good and testosterone boosting sources of unsaturated fat are:

• avocados
• olives
• olive oil
• nuts (especially walnuts)
• flaxseeds

Use these sources in ways which don’t involve heating – you can mix the oils with protein smoothies, use them as dressings over vegetables and take nuts along with you as a snack.

Some saturated sources of fat are: pasture butter, pastured eggs, coconut, coconut oil and red meat. These fats can handle heat better, so it’s beneficial to your testosterone production to cook with coconut oil.

Most importantly, don’t let your fat intake drop below 30% of your daily calorie intake and stay away from hydrogenated oils and overeating at each sitting.