You know, one of the hardest things when training is to avoid drinking sugar packed fizzy drinks.

They just taste so good and they give you a quick buzz. To be honest, the ad slogan is almost 100% true, they almost do make the meal ‘complete’.

When you’re training, much of the time, your diet consists of food you HAVE to eat and it’s food you’re eating for it’s dietary content – not the taste.

This make the temptation of a fizzy sugar drink to add some ‘sparkle’ to your meal even more tempting. Especially because, as a bodybuilder you’re constantly eating.

The problem is a can or glass of a regular carbonated (fizzy) drink adds a whopping amount of sugar directly into your bloodstream which leads to increased fat levels. Which of course then hides that muscle you’ve been working so hard to build (especially the abs).


Have you tried and failed to give up your favourite fizzy beverage? Join the club!

But here’s a way to beat it, that I used. When you decide to stop drinking the ‘fizzy sugar water’, remember to REPLACE IT with something. That’s right. What I did, I replaced it with sparkling water with a bit of ‘dilute to drink’ fruit squash. It worked a treat and I stopped 😉

Of course the above option too contains some sugar. But not nearly as much as the sugar packed carbonated drinks commonly available now.

The great thing about this is that it allows you to then ‘enjoy’ this victory and gradually reduce or remove the squash that you added for flavour too.

But after a couple of months for whatever reason you may have another glass of sugary fizz (a party, wedding, function etc.) . What you’ll find is, you’ll be able to control the intake and either limit it or stop again after that occasion.

Interesting fact: after your taste buds haven’t had it for a while, it won’t taste so good too. Almost medicinal in taste 🙁

Give it a go. If you’re a ‘hard-core’ fizz addict, it should work for you and give you a lot of satisfaction.