Well, low libido, depression and decreased muscle mass and strength are just a few of the symptoms of low testosterone. As bodybuilders, testosterone is a key hormone for packing on muscle and keeping our ‘masculine status’ bar high. Gym guys spend so much time searching out supplements to help them – pedominantly whey protein, creatine or pre-workout type stuff. The fact is, right now, the only safe (non steroid) supplements that truly boost testosterone and power muscle and strength results are non methylated prohormones. But to maximise your results you should also develop your natural testosterone. It’s the one ‘supplement’ that is overlooked by many as it is the body’s own natural ‘anabolic steroid’.

Testosterone plays a hugely important role in the male sex characteristics of muscle mass, strength, bone density, fat distribution, hair patterns, voice deepening, fertility, libido, and mental as well as physical energy. It can be easily affected by some basic lifestyle decisions. One big change you can make as soon as this evening is simply by improving the quality of your sleep. Sleep has a tremendous impact on testosterone levels. Your test levels can drop 40% or more through getting poor sleep.

To improve your sleep try such tips as:

  • Keeping the bedroom cooler.
  • Use the bathroom right before going to bed to avoid sleep disruption later.
  • Release pressure on the bladder before sleep (tight garments, sleeping on stomach).
  • Take supplements that aid in sleep, these include: melatonin, zinc and magnesium. (In addition to a healthy diet, zinc & magnesium have been shown to increase testosterone levels, especially in males who are deficient.)

Reduce Alcohol:

  • Alcohol should be avoided when trying to increase testosterone levels.
  • Healthy normal men, consuming reasonable amounts of alcohol, experience a 20% drop in their serum levels of testosterone.
  • In chronic alcoholics with extensive liver damage those levels can be reduced by as much as 50% and they can take on feminised characteristics (reduced facial hair, impotence, and fat deposits on the chest, giving the appearance of breasts).

Testosterone is what drives us to aggression and the will to compete. It also supports these factors by increasing strength and muscle mass. Testosterone is vital for weightlifting men, as our gains will greatly improve just by increasing our testosterone levels. So don’t let your progress be hindered. You want the most “bang for your buck,” and high testosterone is the best way to get results from your training.

Prioritise the importance of testosterone in your life – it will make a beneficial improvement at every level!