Easy Home Made Peanut Butter and Banana Protein Bars

Although they’re an easy and convenient way to fuel up pre or even post-workout, protein bars can be expensive and some brands are packed full of gunk, including artificial ingredients and unnecessary amounts of sugar, all things which you could be doing without. Home made bars offer the same energy-boosting ingredients and you have the added benefit of knowing exactly what’s in them. Better still, they can be made in advance so you’re stocked up for the week ahead.

If you don’t have the skills to become the next Jamie Oliver or generally find yourself causing havoc in a kitchen environment, have no fear. These homemade peanut protein bars are quick, simple and pack a good punch of protein! They require little effort since they’re ‘no-bake’, so you won’t be slaving away over the oven for hours and have very minimal and easily found ingredients.


2 medium sized bananas

400g uncooked oatmeal (any quick oats will do)

340g peanut butter (try opting for an organic brand)

250ml coconut milk (coconut cream will do fine too)

150g Ripfast protein powder (that’s about 5 scoops of any flavour you fancy – we recommend chocolate to go with the peanut butter! (See more here: http://www.ripfast.com/pro-gym-de-luxe)

Honey (optional)

100g dark chocolate chips (optional)


1. Add your coconut milk to a large bowl and whisk until the mixture is completely smooth.

2. Add your chosen protein powder to the whisked coconut milk and whisk further until it’s all combined.

3. In a separate bowl, mash the two bananas and combine them with the peanut butter. Once both ingredients are fully incorporated, add them to the coconut milk and protein powder mix.

4. Add the oatmeal to the wet mixture and combine the ingredients. If you prefer to have a smoother bar, you can put the oats into a food processor beforehand and blitz them until they reach a flour like consistency.

5. Optional: You can taste the mix at this point and if you require sweetness, add some honey.

6. Line an appropriate sized dish with some greaseproof paper and flatten out your mix onto it.

7. Optional: Melt the dark chocolate and once cooled, pour over your protein bar mix.

8. Leave to refrigerate for a minimum of two hours. Overnight is even better! Depending on how big you want your protein bars to be, you’ll be able to cut the mix into roughly 10-16 pieces.

This recipe is a simple AND cost effective way of getting protein into you, so it’s worth trying out. You’ll find that most recipes you come across can very easily be adapted to add protein to the mix, from brownies to cookies.

But if they do get a little complex, you can always get your girlfriend or mum to help you out 😉