By focusing on having frequent meals, you’ll quickly find that your testosterone production kicks into a higher gear.

For your body to consistently have a supply of testosterone, it’s important that you’re constantly feeding it a good flow of nutrients. In order to maintain this and keep testosterone levels high, you should be eating 5-6 protein rich meals a day. There are plenty of other benefits to more meals than just an increase in testosterone too. More frequent meals mean you recover faster after a workout, you’re less likely to binge between the usual 3 meals and eating more keeps your metabolism burning, which is great for reducing body fat.

When you’re looking to build muscle and lose body fat, you need quality calories to support the process. By frequently feeding your body protein, it will ensure that your muscles always have the nutrients needed for building a better body. A constant flow of protein will also result in your body knowing that it’s okay for it to be spending its resources raising testosterone levels.