We know it, but we ignore it. And in these times of sugar packed aisles in the supermarket, it’s very hard to stay strict.

But the fact is that a diet high in sugar can lower your testosterone levels.

As we all know, testosterone is key to muscle, strength and basically masculinity itself.

The research from the University of British Columbia suggests that sugar creates a kind of ‘domino effect’. Your triglyceride levels go up, your sex-binding globulin (SHBG) goes down and your testosterone starts to dip. According to Dr Geoffrey Hammond ‘Being deficient in SHBG sends signals to your body to stop making testosterone altogether’. Furthermore, according to ‘Urology Times’, high blood sugar can also damage sperm.

The fact is, moderation in everything is king. With all the gunk that goes into diet sodas, that too isn’t a solution (if you’re a fizzy drink addict). Best bet: a few treats a week is the ideal compromise, for your mental and physical well being and gym discipline.

Sugar is like a modern day ‘drug’.