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When it comes to building new muscle mass, strength, size, and bringing your entire physique to a new level, Squats are certainly the way to go.

But they can also be improved by mixing the way you complete your squats. Below are a few ways you can change up your squatting routine for optimal results.

Speed Variation How fast do you normally complete each rep when squatting? Chances are good that you move the bar to get the repetition done as quickly as possible. Try slowing things down a bit! You need to reduce your weight, but a slower explosion UP and a more gradual movement DOWN with the weight will result in you recruiting more muscle fibers, thus creating more new muscle growth. And you can always speed up repetitions to work on your fast-twitch muscle fibers as well!

The 2 Squat Week By reducing the total number of overall repetitions and sets used on a leg day will allow you the recovery factors needed to come back in just 2 to 4 days for your next leg workout. Keep the workouts heavy and brief. Keep cardio to a minimum. Get plenty of rest. Then you can bounce right back from a Monday squat day with a lighter weight, higher repetition day for squats on Thursday. Double the growth you see on legs each year!

20 Repetition Squat First decide upon the weight you would use for 10 reps. Complete those ten reps. Then, take 30 seconds to recover and complete another repetition. Eleven done, nine to go! Continue taking as many breaths are required to get your last repetitions completed, then you are invited to promptly collapse on the floor, proud of your achievements!

Partial Squat If the goal is overall muscle building, then perfectly complete repetitions are going to be required. If the goal is to build up explosive power in your hips (as would be seen and required for a powerlifting or sports-related training routine), then you could consider the use of partial repetitions. They should not be used every workout. However, if you are looking to bump up your squat numbers and really add to your overall core strength, give them a shot! You can add 20% more weight to the bar, then stop your squat halfway down, returning to the top. You’ll grow thicker and stronger. Ignore any criticism from others about your not using full range squats. The results will speak for themselves.


Squats are amongst the best exercises for bodybuilders.