How can ‘DO USELESS WORKOUTS!!’ be the best training tip of 2013?

Simple. The no.1 reason for failure and ‘slipping back’ to skinniness/flabbiness that the team at Ripfast and thousands over the world have experienced is getting in great shape after a strict couple of months and then MISSING A COUPLE OF MONTHS (or more).

The frustration I felt when I asked the gym receptionist how long it had been since I last trained was unbelievable!

I thought I’d missed 3 months but I’d missed over 5!

‘No worries ‘I’ll get it back’

Yes – ‘muscle memory’ exists.

Yes you can gain it all back.

But it’s like running half way up the mountain. then after a break rather than running all the way to the top, just running back to base and starting again.

So what is the solution? It is quite simply this:


In 2013, hopefully you start building regular workout momentum (leading to bodybuilding success).

But 100% – there will be days when you CANNOT MAKE IT to the gym.

This could be due to a job interview/critical business meeting/ college exam/familly issue – whatever.

The secret is – STILL go to the gym and do a USELESS WORKOUT even for just 15 minutes!

I call it useless (but it really isn’t) because it may only last just 15 minutes and you feel frustrated because you ‘whizzed through’ 1 light set of everything or only managed a small part of your workout.

But it doesn’t matter – the key thing is you kept with the program, you still went in and trained.

You didn’t ‘fall of the bike’.

Momentum is vital in every part of life (just think about that for a moment).

Now what if the above problems that force you to miss training last for more than a few days or even a month or so.

No problem. Life is like that – it’s just never plain sailing.

All you do is DO AT LEAST 2 X 30minute WORKOUTS A WEEK.

That’s 60 MINUTES out of the 10,080 minutes in one week!! You can do it.

This will maintain and even improve what you have built. And like compund interest in the bank – it will be build your strength and fitness gradually but surely.

Guys who don’t train and sit at their desk all day, eating cookies, pizza, fries, chocolates and so on don’t understand that we don’t really need the bodybuilding lifestyle RIGHT NOW (although of course we look good in a t-shirt and it helps with the romatic side of life).

We will truly need it when we are in our 60s, 70s and beyond.

That’s when you will see the true fruits of this lifestyle.

It’s shocking how muscle drops and deteriorates as men get older. But we bodybuilders look 100x better than the pizza guys when we’re pensioners.

So keep that momentum in the gym.

It will keep what’s dear and importaant to you with you longer, however you look at it.

This applies to: enjoying your family, enjoying your travel, enjoying your romantic life (weight training boosts testosterone!), staying out of the nursing home, enjoying all the money you made! Whatever – it all links with the state your physique is in – because that is the ‘machine’ that will allow you to do it! The non trainers just don’t get that!

So DO A USELESS WORKOUT! but do it and keep momentum.

(And remember the sleep and the food!).

With You To Success!

The Ripfaster

**Ripfaster articles are written by various members of Team Ripfast and deal with critical issues that we feel actually count, rather than the ‘white noise’ all over the internet abut the latest craze etc etc.


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