Absolutely. Coca-Cola is really good for you if you want a super sugar rush, followed by a huge dip. Not to mention a direct calorie ‘mainline’ to your stomach with 35g of sugar per can, to give extra padding to that tyre on your stomach (now or in future).

On a more positive note, this is what happens if you drink water only for 9 days straight (not that difficult if you think about it actually):

1. You lose weight faster. By drinking only water as your fluid intake for 9 days, you lose the same amount of calories as jogging 9km a day.

2. You speed up your metabolism. And thus increase your energy with as little as 17 fl oz of water in the morning.

3. You improve brain function. Your brain is 75-85% water. By drinking water, you fuel it.

4. You eat less. When on a cutting cycle, it helps you curb cravings and appetite.

5. You retain less water (which gives you that ‘puffy’ look). When the body knows water supply is plentiful, it dumps a lot of the excess water it’s holding onto.

6. Your body excretes toxins faster. Water flushes out the gunk.

7. Water cuts disease risk. For example of conditions like hypertension, bladder issues and even bowel cancer.

Drop the soda!

8. Improves heart function. 5 glasses of water a day reduce the risk of heart attack by 41%.

9. Softer, cleaner looking skin. Water clears and moistens your skin.

10. Saves you moneyWater is much cheaper than probably all your other favourite drinks!

With Coke, beer, spirits, so called ‘diet’ drinks etc we’re blitzed with alternatives to the original thirst quencher – which are all bad for us in the long term (unfortunate but true).

By the way, if you drink when you’re thirsty, that means you’re already dehydrated. So don’t let it get to that point and give water a serious chance in your daily diet. No need to go 100% H20 hardcore but at least try it.

Don’t make it a gimmick resolution, make it a natural part of your daily life from now on and give yourself the best chance training-wise as well as health-wise.