Bodybuilders are crazy about Whey protein.
“What’s wrong with Whey protein?” I hear you ask.


It’s fine if you’re pushed for time or had a bad day and need a quick hit of protein. And…that’s IT.

But it is being used by bodybuilders as a COMPLETE MUSCLE SOLUTION – which it blatantly isn’t! (If you’re a typical gym-goer, how are your results from drinking gallons of Whey protein over the years. Honestly speaking?

Whey protein is actually a waste-product of cheese production (meaning literally ‘rubbish’) that the factories used to THROW AWAY! Then about 16 years ago (as always) some bright spark thought of the brilliant idea of selling it to bodybuilders (“they’ll fall for anything!” is the general thinking).

Cut to today and it’s a multi-million pound business. If you’ve been using protein shakes – have you truly had the true quality results that the intensity or regularity of your workouts should have achieved? Or the kind of results that were sold to you (perhaps in adverts) when you started?

I doubt it.
If you’re like the majority – the answer is a resounding NO!

Protein shakes are a SUPPLEMENT (we sell them, but we don’t push them!).
We always say – they are a supplement, use them as such.

They don’t replace the kings of protein. Fish, beef, chicken, turkey.

Increase these in your diet and watch how fast you grow with REAL FOOD quality protein.

So why do protein companies use ‘Huge, Ripped Up’ Steroid users to sell
their milk shakes?

Apart from the obvious (it sells ‘the Dream’).

One word.


This is the TRUE reason they use steroid users and ‘testosterone’ is the ONLY other ‘true secret’ of building muscle. The only way to get as big or ripped as the guys in those protein ads is to boost testosterone using STEROIDS.

But unless you earn your money from bodybuilding or muscle. That means if you’re a pro bodybuilder (a very difficult, competitive profession with very few chances of true financial success). Or a weasly Hollywood actor who needs to bulk up fast, you should stay away from those.

What is the Steroid alternative, and the only supplement you can’t properly get from your food?

The only other SAFE & LEGAL training supplements to boost testosterone are PROHORMONES.

These are much weaker than steroids and only transfer to testosterone once they’ve been swallowed and become active in the system.

Our powerful ‘Hardcore’ range of prohormones are non-methylated (non-harmful), super effective supplements which are safe to use with amazing ‘steroid-like’ results. Our clients literally rave about them.

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