Arnold presses Isn’t it great to have a exercise that bears your name! Arnold presses are dumbbell shoulder presses with a small, vital twist. To perform them, hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder level with your palms facing you and your elbows near your sides (like top position of dumbbell curls). Your thumbs are facing out. Then, as you press the dumbbells up, rotate your hands so that your thumbs point toward each other. In the top position (just short of lockout), your palms are now facing forward. Reverse the twist during the descent phase. Arnold praised this movement for the improved range of motion they afforded, stimulating the front delts, in particular, from a different angle.

Lying incline side laterals Standing side laterals stress the medial deltoids primarily during the top half of the upward movement (when the weight is travelling mostly upward) and only minimally during the bottom half of the upward movement (when the weight is travelling mostly outwards). Performing side laterals whilst lying on an incline bench, Arnie was able to apply greater stress at the beginning of each rep (and less during the top half of each rep). Lie on your right side on an incline situp bench and grasp a dumbbell with your left hand. Keeping your elbow locked and your arm straight or nearly straight, raise the dumbbell until it is directly over your shoulder joint. After getting eight to 12 reps, lie on your left side to work your right medial deltoid.