Substituting nutrition with food supplements:
Although vitamins are a great way to get certain nutrients into your body, satisfying your nutritional needs through good food will always be more beneficial for you. Good quality foods will provide the body with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and will give overall positive effects as opposed to the targeted approach that vitamins give.

Misunderstanding nutritional guidelines:
Diet and training plans are useful however they should only serve as basic guidelines. It’s impossible that one piece of dietary advice could possibly cater to so many different people, therefore it’s important to get checked out by a professional and find out exactly what you need!

Eating too much and at the wrong times:
Over the last decade or so, portions in restaurants and the serving sizes of pre-packaged foods have increased, so it’s easy to fall into a trap of consuming more than you usually do. Additionally, having bad eating habits and eating out of convenience instead of having a routine can be damaging, especially if you’re snacking on foods with poor nutritional value or processed snacks.

Confusing nutritional health and weight loss:
There are plenty of guys out there who think they’re eating well and keeping healthy simply because they don’t appear overweight. However, this isn’t always the case. Besides, making changes to your diet and increasing your nutrition levels can make a considerable difference to your feelings of well being and boosting the bodies immune system. It’s also worth paying attention to how certain foods in supermarkets are labelled. ‘30% fat free’ could very easily be another way of saying ‘70% fat,’ so it’s important to read the whole thing!