The biceps ‘peak’ looks amazing. But in most cases it’s a genetic thing. Some will train forever and never get it. This is not such a bad thing as you can still have great biceps development without it.

If it’s something you want to strive for, here are a few notes on exercises that should help:

  • Preacher curls: These are possibly the best isolation exercise for the ‘peak’ effect on the biceps.
    Ensure you follow these guidelines:

    • Keep reps slow & controlled.
    • Go to failure but use a weight that is in control with good form.
    • Vary the workouts by alternation session with dumbbells or barbells.

    If necessary preacher curls can be done on an incline bench if you don’t have access to a preacher curl bench.

  • Concentration curls: The 1-armed version is fantastic for our purpose as it hit every muscle fibre hard! Make sure you perform the rep SUPER SLOW and don’t go too heavy so that you can maintain correct form – controlled and focused. Allow the weight to hang at the start of each rep and pause to ‘concentrate’ for just a second at the top of each rep.
  • An oft forgotten rule is bodyfat. To get that clean ripped muscle – even at the top of the biceps – you need low bodyfat. Go on a cutting cycle to lose fat, watch the junk/calories and you may find the peak right there. The main issue with this one is of course that calorie deficit reduces mass building in general also – so be aware of this.

And of course as with all bodybuilding – stay consistent and don’t miss sessions.
If you want some general biceps building routines a great method is the Ripfast 5000 Ultimate Bodybuilding System.